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Stefaan Desrumaux

Stefaan Desrumaux specializes in contracting law, construction law and property law (purchase-sale, easements, co-ownership and apartment right, neighbourhood nuisance, vacancy,...). He is also active in the fields of environmental law and urban development.

He assists a lot of contractors, builders, individuals, project developers, real estate brokers and insurers. Not only in disputes and proceedings but also with practical and solution-oriented advice. He always looks for a fast, pragmatic and extrajudicial solution but, however, if appropriate or necessary, he does not hesitate to take all necessary legal actions, either through the fast-track procedure or by unilateral petition to obtain the desired solution at short notice.

Stefaan Desrumaux has gathered a comprehensive knowledge of tenancy law (commercial lease, lease of houses,...). He also has a special interest and experience in leasehold law and agricultural law (judicial procedures, drafting and assessing various agriculture-related agreements, guiding and advising in the field of acquisitions, family property law,...).

In addition, Stefaan Desrumaux also regularly provides assistance in the field of judicial reorganizations (WCO - Enterprise Continuity Act) in the construction and contracting sector. He has a broad experience both in the guiding companies in difficulty as well as guiding the creditors and/or other stakeholders in WCOs.

Stefan is Master in Law (Ghent University, 2005) and of environmental law (Ghent University, 2006). In 2008, he finished a postgraduate in Real Estate (KU Leuven), in order to utilize his knowledge and experience in construction law and property law, spatial planning and environment in multidisciplinary projects and to provide practice-oriented insight into the various subregions of real estate.

He is a frequent speaker at seminars on a wide range of tenancy issues and other real estate related topics.

He joined the West Flanders Bar in 2006.

Languages: Dutch, French, English


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