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The Odigo connection

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Services Act

Odigo Advocaten charges its fees, administrative expenses and costs paid in advance on a periodical base as the case is handled.

Unless agreed otherwise, the fee shall be calculated on an hourly base in accordance with the customary hourly rates. The customary hourly rate depends on the lawyer handling the case. The hourly rates are valid for one calendar year. Odigo Advocaten reserves the right to adjust these rates at the end of the calendar year. Extra fees may be charged or other methods of calculation may be applied depending on the nature, the complexity, the stake and the urgency of the case.

Before the start of the activities and during the handling of the case, commissions may be charged. A commission is an advance payment for the services that still have to be provided or for the costs that are still to be made. The commissions shall be deducted from the amounts on the interim invoice or the final invoice following the commission note. Odigo Advocaten reserves the right to only commence or continue its activities or to only pay advances for costs after the commission has been paid.

Administrative expenses include the costs for creating the dossier, correspondence, correspondence by registered mail, travel expenses, print-outs and copies, e-mails, faxes, documents and telephone calls.

The legal costs consist of the costs that Odigo Advocaten paid in advance to third parties, such as registries, mortgage offices, registration offices, official or semi-official databases, third-party lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, translators, accountants, auditors, experts and (national and international) bodies etc. The legal costs shall without exception be nominally charged to the client (increased by VAT if applicable).

The invoices of Odigo Advocaten shall as a minimum state the fees, the administrative costs, the costs paid in advance (to third parties) and the commissions.

If an invoice is paid late, Odigo Advocaten shall reserve the right to suspend the execution of all of its activities in all of the client's cases until the moment all the invoices have been fully paid or to terminate the global cooperation with the client immediately. Odigo Advocaten shall not be liable for damage resulting from the suspension of its activities or the termination of its agreement with the client.