The Odigo connection

The Odigo connection

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General conditions

The contractual relation between the law firm and its client shall solely be governed by the present terms and conditions and the client shall acknowledge the latter's acceptance. Furthermore, the client recognises that the contractual relation is solely construed between the client itself and, as the case may be, the cooperative company with limited liability ‘Odigo Advocaten Kortrijk-Gent-Brussel bv' or ‘Odigo Advocaten Hasselt CVBA', to the exclusion of any other party. Odigo undertakes to take the necessary care of the execution of the assignments entrusted to them, for which they enter into an obligation of means.

All payments shall be made to the registered office of the company. Any complaints and/or objections regarding our invoices need to be submitted by registered mail within 8 days of the receipt of the invoice, otherwise they will not be valid. In the absence of payment on the agreed maturity date the client shall lawfully and without prior notice of default be obliged to pay a conventional interest on arrears of 1% per month. Furthermore, the client shall be obliged to pay a conventionally stipulated compensation of 10% on the outstanding invoice amount, with a minimum of € 125.00, without prejudice to our right to claim compensation for the real damage suffered and costs incurred. A reference to the respective invoice in our bookkeeping shall serve as proof of the fact that the invoice was sent and received by the addressee. If an invoice is paid late, Odigo is entitled to suspend its future services by law and without notice.

Our basic liability shall be limited to the amount that is insured by our professional liability insurance (which is € 1'250'000 at the moment), including the amount of the deductible expenses that is not covered by the insurance company. Except if expressly stated otherwise, Odigo is not liable for the services provided by third parties on behalf of Odigo.

Solely the Belgian law applies and only the courts of the registered office of the company shall be competent in case of disputes.