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Legal information

Odigo is a group of independent law firms with offices in Ghent, Hasselt and Kortrijk. Odigo's lawyers are authorised to practice the profession of lawyer in Belgium. They are members of the bar of Hasselt, Ghent and/or Kortrijk operating under the title of ‘lawyer' and have to abide by the applicable law and code of ethics.

Odigo Hasselt

Cvba bv Odigo Advocaten Hasselt

RPR Antwerpen afdeling Hasselt
KBO/BTW BE0887.020.458
Spoorwegstraat 105
B-3500 Hasselt

ING office bank account Iban BE94 3630 0643 8214
ING trust account Iban BE23 3350 0629 9891

Odigo Kortrijk / Odigo Gent / Odigo Brussel

Odigo Advocaten Kortrijk-Gent-Brussel bv

RPR Gent afdeling Kortrijk
KBO/BTW BE0780.714.495
Doorniksewijk 66
B-8500 Kortrijk

Belfius office bank account Iban BE49 0689 4415 3971
Belfius trust account Iban BE14 0689 0013 6583