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Caroline Geenen

Counsel-associate partner Office: Hasselt

Caroline Geenen mainly engages in succession and family wealth planning, family business succession, corporate restructuring and fiscal law. She studied Law at KU Leuven and obtained her degree in 2002. She also took a supplementary programme on company law at the Catholic University of Brussels and obtained her Master's Degree in 2005. From October 2002 to September 2005, she was associated with Monard-D'Hulst as a lawyer. Caroline then made the switch to Deloitte to join the team of wealth planners from October 2005 to August 2010. From September 2010 to March 2013, she was a partner at a consultancy firm for SMEs where she was responsible for legal services. 

Caroline Geenen speaks at various seminars on the following topics: "Inheritance Law: some current issues in marital property law from the wealth planning perspective", "Donate with retention of property", "The family house as a current incentive for renewal of marriage contract and testament", Civil-law partnership versus foundation-administration office: instrument of wealth planning", "Real estate abroad from an inheritance law perspective, inheritance taxes and income taxes", "Heritage of family businesses in times of crisis, space for creative wealth planning?",...

Languages: Dutch, English, French

Caroline Geenen is (co-)author of various publications:

  • ‘Bescherm als zelfstandige optimaal uw privé-vermogen' (Indicator)
  • The fortnightly advisory letter ‘Tips&advies' of Indicator regarding ‘U en uw vennootschap', ‘De ervaren bedrijfsleider',...
  • The monthly advisory ‘Vermogen' by Indicator
  • The fortnightly advisory letter ‘Professioneel Vermogensadvies' by Kluwer