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Piet Carlier

Counsel-Associate partner Office: Hasselt

Piet Carlier graduated fom the University of Brussels (VUB) in 1975. He has been a lawyer since September 1975. He fulfilled various mandates in the professional organization of the Orde van Advocaten [Bar Association]. Piet Carlier was, among others, president of the Hasselt Bar (1998-2000).

Piet Carlier Piet Carlier is mainly active in the field of social law and insolvency law. He handles cases in disciplinary proceedings regarding liberal professions. He has extensive experience as a bankruptcy curator as he was appointed for this purpose by the Court of Commerce in Hasselt. Piet is co-founder of the law firm Monard-D'Hulst and was affiliated with this firm as a partner, in charge of the Social Law and Insolvency Law departments between 1 January 1990 and 1 September 2013. He is currently a partner at the law firm Odigo. He is author of publications on topics relating to Social Law and Insolvency Law. He was co-author of the Voka Wijzer "Stakingsrecht" [Guide on right to strike] (2008) and a speaker at various seminars, including at the request of employers' organizations and on topics related to social law and insolvency law.

Social law:

  • Dismissal (including for serious cause)
  • Social law aspects regarding employment in temporary trading companies
  • Labour Relations Act - false self-employment
  • Social Media and Labour Law
  • Special clauses in employment contracts and labour regulations
  • The right to strike and application of the unilateral petition for collective actions by employees
  • ...

Insolvency law:

  • Continuity of Enterprises Act (WCO - Wet Continuiteit Ondernemingen)
  • The possibilities of creditors in terms of bankruptcy, WCO, liquidation of companies, collective debt settlement
  • ...

Languages: Dutch, French, English