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Ina Beelen

Ina Beelen mainly deals with company law, financial law and insolvency law. She studied law at KU Leuven and graduated in 2001. Ina subsequently followed an additional program of business economics at KU Leuven. From 1998 to 2001, she was editor in chief of the legal journal Jura Falconis.

Ina Beelen has worked at Monard-D'Hulst as a lawyer from 2002 to January 2007. In September 2005, she received an honourable mention in Trends, following the survey on the best lawyers for the corporate world.

Ina Beelen is (co-) author of various publications:

  • The annually published book ‘De Ondernemer' by Kluwer;
  • The annually published book ‘De Ondernemersgids' by Indicator;
  • The fortnightly advisory letter ‘Tips en advies' of Indicator regarding ‘u en uw vennootschap'; ‘ervaren bedrijfsleider';...
  • ‘Bescherm als zelfstandige optimaal uw privé-vermogen' (Indicator, 2010);
  • ‘Het ABC van het werken in & met uw BVBA of NV' (Indicator, 2011);
  • ‘Uw aansprakelijkheid als bedrijfsleider onder de loep' (Indicator, 2012);
  • 'Hoe slechte betalers nu aanpakken, 25 technieken die echt werken' (Indicator, 2013);
  • ‘De S-BVBA: een kritische analyse' in the anniversary volume: Monard-D'Hulst 20 jaar.

Languages: Dutch, French, English